Triton Works was founded in 2007 by a veteran team focused on a single idea – to bring efficiency, control and technical innovation to ocean freight markets. Soon after concept development, Triton Works began requesting input from members of the international freight community, with the goal of creating requirements for both the system platform and the supporting business processes.

Today, Triton Works owns and runs the XChange, a highly efficient, web-based information system for selling and buying ocean freight spot market capacity. The Triton Works core team includes international transportation industry executives, innovators, and technologists. Triton Works is based on Denver, CO.


The Triton Works name comes from Triton, the mythological Greek god who was the son of Poseidon (the god of the sea). Triton is also considered the messenger of the seas, and he has the ability to make the seas calm during stormy times. Triton is often shown carrying the Trident, a three-pronged staff that symbolizes strength and embodies the ability to project ahead. Triton Works has created a stylized Trident as part of our symbol which has embedded in it the T and W of our name.


The Triton Works team is committed to providing leading technology-enabled markets to the international transportation community. We will continually tailor our solutions so they effectively and efficiently meet the needs of our clients.

This is accomplished through ongoing formal and informal consultation with our clients. We also take pride in utilizing the latest technologies and web platform development processes.

Triton Works is management owned and participant neutral. We can, therefore, strive to establish continually improving processes and technologies for all players in the market.